Current Agenda

The West Virginia Lottery
900 Pennsylvania Avenue
10th Floor Conference Room
Charleston, West Virginia
September 25, 2017
9:30 a.m.

A. SBA Quarterly Meeting of June 26, 2017 - (Action) - ATTACHMENT_A.pdfATTACHMENT_A.pdf

B. Special Tele-Conference Meeting of July 26, 2017ATTACHMENT_B.pdfATTACHMENT_B.pdf

C. Special Tele-Conference Meeting of August 29, 2017ATTACHMENT_C.pdfATTACHMENT_C.pdf

– Mr. Frank Blackwell
A. Maher Duessel, Certified Public Accountants – Final Audit Report for The Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2017 - (Action) – Mr. Garry Stewart

The CPA firm of Maher Duessel conducted an independent audit of the SBA financial records for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2017.  Upon completion of the final audit report, the approval of the Authority is required to meet the requirements of the State Auditor’s Office and our Bond Indenture.  A hard copy will be provided at the Meeting, Mr. Levi Zielinski, and Mr. Jeffrey Kent with Maher Duessel, CPAs will be available to answer any questions the Authority may have in regards to the Audit.

Once the audited financial statements and the management letter are approved by the Authority, Maher Duessel, CPAs will issue its final report.  This report will be forwarded to the Trustees and the appropriate investors who own SBA bonds.  A draft copy of the final report is provided in Attachment D1 for approval by the SBA Board, with the Financial Statements being provided in Attachment D2.
The staff of the SBA has reviewed the final version of the FY2017 Audit Report, as provided by Maher Duessel, CPAs and recommends its approval.

B. Purchasing Card (P-Card) Program Report – (Information) - ATTACHMENT_E.pdfATTACHMENT_E.pdf
One of the requirements of the P-Card Program is for the Authority members to review all purchases made by staff members.  As such, the document in Attachment E provides an itemized list of the SBA’s card usage for the period of May 1, 2017 through July 31, 2017.

C. SBA Amended and Restated By-Laws – (Information) – ATTACHMENT_F.pdfATTACHMENT_F.pdf
Attachment F is the final draft of the SBA Amended and Restated By-Laws as approved at the Special Tele-Conference Call Meeting held on August 29, 2017.
V. CEFP AMENDMENTS – Mr. Frank Blackwell
The following amendments to county Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plans (CEFPs) have been reviewed and are recommended for approval by the staff of the SBA and reviewed and coordinated with the State Department of Education Office of School Facilities. The State Board of Education has acted on these amendments.  Approval of these amendments does not necessarily reflect support for funding of the projects within the Amendment.  Approval of these amendment simply means the County followed the proper Amendment Process. Complete Amendment submittal will be available for review upon request.  The following Amendments were submitted for your review and approval:

A. Brooke County CEFP Amendment – (Action) - ATTACHMENT_G.pdfATTACHMENT_G.pdf
The Brooke County Board of Education request approval of an amendment to its 2010-2020 CEFP. This amendment would close 3 elementary schools and leave 4 open that will be reconfigured as follows:
  • Hooverson Heights Primary School changes to North Primary School (grades K-2nd)
  • Jefferson Primary School changes to a North Intermediate School (grades 3rd-4th)
  • Wellsburg Primary School changes to a South Primary School (grades K-2nd)
  • Franklin Primary School changes to a South Intermediate School (grades 3rd-4th).
Brooke County still plans to consolidate to a new north and south elementary schools after 2020.  This Amendment was approved by the West Virginia State Board of Education, during its September 2017 meeting.
Brooke County has complied with the SBA CEFP Amendment process and based on this I respectfully recommend approval of this amendment to Brooke County’s CEFP.

B. Mercer County CEFP Amendment – (Action) – ATTACHMENT_H.pdfATTACHMENT_H.pdf

The Mercer County Board of Education request approval of an amendment to its 2010-2020 CEFP.  This amendment would result in technical changes being made.  Due to the availability of property for Phase III of the amendment (building a new PreK-2 school to combine Whitethorn and Memorial Elementary Schools), it would like to proceed with Phase III prior to beginning Phase II, (building a new school to house Bluewell, Brushfork and Montcalm Elementary Schools).  This Amendment was approved by the West Virginia State Board of Education, during its July 2017 meeting.

Mercer County has complied with the SBA CEFP Amendment process and based on this I respectfully recommend approval of this amendment to Mercer County’s CEFP.

VI. FINANCE REPORTS – Mr. Garry Stewart
A. Analysis of Trustee Accounts - (Information) - ATTACHMENT_I.pdfATTACHMENT_I.pdf
The financial reports of the accounts held at United Bank of Charleston, WV and the Mellon Bank of New York for summarizes the trustee functions of the SBA for the period ending August 31, 2017.
B. United Bank of Charleston – SBA Program Depository Account Report – (Information) – ATTACHMENT_J.pdfATTACHMENT_J.pdf
The financial report of the depository account which is maintained by the United Bank summarizes construction spending by the SBA for school construction projects for the period ending September 15, 2017.
C. Refunding of the Series 2007 Revenue Bonds – (Information) - HANDOUT
The SBA is working with our Bond Finance Team in preparation for the issuance of the Series 2017A Revenue Refunding Bonds.  Authorization was provided by the Governor on August 28, 2017 and approved by the Authority on August 29, 2017.  We anticipate that the pricing of these bonds will occur during the week of September 25, 2017.  The actual results of this refunding will be distributed to the SBA Board at this meeting.
D. Future School Construction Funding Projection - (Information) – ATTACHMENT_K.pdfATTACHMENT_K.pdf
The attachment is a projection of the future construction funding spending of the SBA for the next fifteen years. This projection was prepared by the SBA staff and the state of West Virginia’s financial advisor (PRAG).  The SBA Board has adopted a policy that provides equal funding each year for school construction projects.  Mr. Stewart will provide a detailed explanation of the assumptions used in making this projection.

– Mr. Frank Blackwell
A. Advertisement for Financial Assistant Position – (Information)

Due to the scheduled retirement of Ms. Karen Courtney, effective December 31, 2017, the staff of the SBA will place an advertisement, on two separate dates, in the Charleston Gazette-Mail to fill the position of Financial Assistant.  After the staff of the SBA has reviewed the resumes, the top applicants’ resumes, will be forwarded to Mr. Robert Holroyd, Chair of Personnel Committee, for his review and a recommendation will be brought before the Full Authority for approval, at the November 2017 Superintendent’s Interview Meeting.
B. Randolph County QZAB Request – (Action) – ATTACHMENT_L.pdfATTACHMENT_L.pdf

Randolph County has requested $350,000 in QZAB funding.  The $350,000 will be used to upgrade the HVAC system at Coalton Elementary School, in addition to updating windows, replacing roofing and additional HVAC projects in the County.

The SBA responded to this request and informed Randolph County, that at this time there is only $342,000 available for distribution and that if additional QZAB funds are available in the near future we could complete this request.

I respectfully recommend approval of Randolph County’s request for $342,000 in available QZAB Funds, with the additional $8,000 to be awarded if additional QZAB funds become available in the near future.

C. Logan County - New Chapmanville Elementary School – (Information/Action) ATTACHMENT_M.pdfATTACHMENT_M.pdf

The School Building Authority is in receipt of a letter dated September 14, 2017, from the Logan County Board of Education (LCBOE), requesting the removal of Project Construction Services, Inc. (PCS) as Construction Manager on the New Chapmanville Elementary School project.  The letter indicates that the Board of Education does not feel there is a binding contract in place with PCS for Construction Management services on this project.  Additionally, the LCBOE requests the SBA provide a qualified clerk of the works to oversee construction activities for the remainder of the project.  Attachment M provides a copy of the letter received for the Logan County Board of Education.

VIII. OLD BUSINESS – Mr. Frank Blackwell
A. Update on Hearing Before the West Virginia Legislature – Joint Government Accountability, Transparency and Efficiency Committee – (Information)

The staff of the SBA was requested to attend a hearing before the West Virginia Legislature, Joint Government Accountability, Transparency and Efficiency Committee on Sunday, August 20, 2017 at 2:00 p.m., regarding the use of Construction Managers.  This meeting consisted of four speakers, Mr. Don Gatewood, Wolf Creek Contractors; Mr. Adam Krason, American Institute of Architects of West Virginia; Mr. Mark Machin, Superintendent of Harrison County Schools; Mr. Scott Raines and Mr. Garry Stewart represented the SBA.  Each speaker stated their views/concerns of Construction Managers.

The second meeting was held on September 18, 2017 with the above speakers being asked to return to answer questions and concerns regarding their earlier presentations regarding the Construction Managers.

B. Nicholas County – (Information) – ATTACHMENT_N.pdfATTACHMENT_N.pdf

On September 7, 2017, the West Virginia Board of Education, presented to the Supreme Court a motion for administrative stay and a stay pending appeal. Thereafter, on September 11, 2017, the Board of Education of Nicholas County, filed a response in opposition. 

Upon consideration, the Court is of the opinion to and did grant the motion to stay.  Oral Arguments will begin on October 3, 2017.  Attachment N provides a copy of the Supreme Court’s Order.
The 2017 NEEDs Grant Submission/Superintendent Interviews meeting is scheduled on November 13 and November 14, 2017 with the location to be determined.
The 2017 winter quarterly meeting and NEEDs Grant project selection meeting of the School Building Authority of West Virginia is scheduled on December 11, 2017 with the location to be determined.